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by William B. Breuer

“Retaking The Philippines” is an account of this crucial campaign that redeemed America’s honor and brought its forces a step closer to the conquest of Japan. It begins with the crucial conference in Hawaii in which President Roosevelt arbitrated the competing plans of Gen. MacArthur to retake the Philippines on the way to Japan and Adm. Nimitz’ scheme to bypass them with a sweep across the Pacific to Formosa and then north.Arriving to a hero’s welcome, the General hammered that another abandonment of the Islands “would be neither condoned nor forgiven.”Although FDR complained that “no one ever talked to me the way MacArthur did.”The President’s decision to let MacArthur liberate America’s archipelago in the Orient transitioned the narrative to the task of achieving the goal.

Bombing by naval aviation enabled the Army to advance the first landings from Mindanao in the South to Leyte in the Central Philippines and to move up the landings by a month.The dramatic return and address to the “People of the Philippines…I have returned” rises from these pages to stir the reader’s mind and heart.The landings, the freeing of long suffering POWS, the drop on and clearing of Corregidor and the savage destruction of Manila are all skillfully described.In Philippine waters the U.S. Navy encountered kamikaze attacks.Here I learned that there were suicide boats and infantry as well as aviators.Old grudges were avenged as MacArthur approved death sentences against Japanese adversaries and characterized his fallen commander-in-chief as “a man who would never tell the truth when a lie would serve just as well.”

Author William Breuer has artfully chronicled America’s return to the Philippines.Any understanding of World War II requires a familiarity with the “Retaking of the Philippines.”It will be found in this book which merits a place in any World War II library.

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