PDF Destiny Bay Romances - Baby Dreams Boxed Set Vol. 2 (Books 4-6) (Books 4-6) (Destiny Bay Romances-Baby Dreams): PDF

by Helen Conrad

The Carringtons of Destiny Bay, like most rich, influential people, are good-looking, fast-driving, hard-hitting men and women whose impulses lead them into trouble every time. Some have pasts they would like to forget— some have regrets, some have resentments—some have things to atone for.But most of the Carrington ladies have reached that stage of life where a yearning to bring a baby into the world begins to override all that. Some of their men feel the same— and some have to be convinced! These are a few of their stories.
Book 4-Tick Tock, Baby Clock
When Lisa Carrington turns 35 and has her career goals in hand—she gets that panicky feeling.Is it too late?Baby dreams begin to loom large. 
She knows the sort of man she needs to complete her life plan.A tweedy, academic type with leather patches on his elbows who quotes Shakespeare and makes wise decisions.Too bad she can’t find one of those.Instead, she gets Carson James, smart alecky and footloose—a man who never had a baby dream in his life.But he is awfully cute—and his kisses make her swoon. Is that enough to make her throw away all she’s gained and head for Tahiti?
Book 5—Jilted

Kendall McCormick got left at the altar and she’s decided fate is trying to tell her something.Men—who needs them?But when she finds out the man who rescued her from humiliation at the chapel is really her ex-fiance’s big brother—and the one who convinced her fiancé to dump her—things don’t seem so simple anymore. 
Rafe Carrington is dealing with learning how to live with his two little girls now that his wife has died.Still, even when stressed out, he doesn’t usually steal his brother’s women.It’s just plain tacky.But there’s something about Kendall that grabs him in the gut.He should leave her alone, but he can’t ignore the aching need to have her—in his life and in his bed. 
Book 6—Waiting for Baby Kate
Ann Dupree loved her husband Joey and was as hurt as he was when his best friend, Cam Carrington, ignored his cry for help. When Joey died, she never expected to come face to face with Cam again, awakening the guilty crush she’d had on him for years.Could she forgive and forget?Or would every stolen kiss remind her of the man she was betraying?

Cam is looking for a wife, but it isn’t until Ann gets closer to him that she finds out about the baby.Conflicted feelings about her own lost child make her draw away.Is it finally time to admit that she and Cam aren’t meant to be? 
Contain love scenes.

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PDF Destiny Bay Romances - Baby Dreams Boxed Set Vol. 2 (Books 4-6) (Books 4-6) (Destiny Bay Romances-Baby Dreams)

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