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by Alice Hoffman

Rain is born to her mother out of sorrow. Rather than a joyous event, her birth marks the permanence of the attack her mother suffered caught alone out on the fields. The Priestesses tell Rain she has the strength of all 50 men, but the consolation means little to her, as her mother the Queen will not speak to her.

As queen-to-be of a fierce Amazon tribe, Rain seeks to know all, and excel. She rides her horse until they become one. She rescues a bear cub, and learns to ride it as well. But in seeking to be something she is not, and letting the bear believe it is something it is not, she brings only sorrow upon herself.

As Rain enters her teens her mother takes up with a woman rescued from a battle. She is surprised to find that her mother can love. The captured woman's daughter, Io, takes to following Rain about. No matter how cruel Rain is to her, Io is only kind in return, loving her as a sister. Soon Rain comes to know that she is a sister, and regrets all the harsh words she spoke.

As Rain continues to grow, she becomes more and more defiant. Breaking rules, searching for herself, trying to find her way, fearing what is to come. Before she has found her answers, her mother is lost in battle. As her most recent child was a boy, not a girl, the Queenship falls to Rain. Some of the tribe do not believe her capable. Seeking to kill her in her sleep, the traitors murder Io instead, as Rain had left already on her journey to bring her brother to his own people.

An interesting look at what life might have been amongst this people. No fathers, no boys, feirce spirits and traditions, but also an understand that eventually change must come.

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