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"Sneaking off to write"

A busy mother of three little boys, Sarah Jio has barely enough time to write her books. She started writing her first book, The Violets of March, while pregnant with her second son. She says that she even typed out a full first draft during her second trimester, which she found out to be a very creative time for her.

Now with a 4-year-old, 2-year-old and a newborn to take care of, Jio is making the best of her time writing her books. The general description of her work scene would be one boy to the right nagging for snacks, the other boy drooling on the left and a newborn on the bouncer seat. She admits that sometimes it becomes a hassle and she has to drag herself into her office to write even if she’s too tired...


First of all let me just say I LOVE YOUR idea of a book guide. It's so unique and informatively fun at the same time. Your idea of a book guide is really something else. More Power!
-C. A. Margaja

A perfect compliment to the orginal work!
- S. Woods

I love this kind of stuff!
-G. M. Mandapat

This work is not meant to replace, but to complement the original work. It is a digestive work to stimulate the appetite and encourage readers to enjoy and appreciate the original work even further.

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