PDF Straight Cowboy (Uncommon Cowboys, #1): PDF

by Jan Irving

Joshua Ryan did a stint for much-needed cash as the ‘straight cowboy’ in gay porn movies but he doesn’t think of himself as gay, so why does he want to do the things to Matt James he once did in front of a camera?

Cowboy Joshua Ryan can’t stop his erotic thoughts about Matt James, the hearing-impaired guest he’s taking into the foothills in search of wild horses. Matt James has dreamed all his life of coming out west. He’s at first taciturn with Josh, afraid he’s as close minded as some other hands they encounter on their excursion, but when Josh reaches for him unconsciously in his sleep, Matt has a tough time hiding his desire for a ‘straight’ man.

Reader Advisory: This book contains light hearted bondage.

Publisher's Note: This book has previously been released as part of the Saddle Up N'Ride anthology by Total-E-Bound.

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PDF Straight Cowboy (Uncommon Cowboys, #1)

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