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by Lucas Steele

One of the four short anthologies that together make up the Boy Fun anthology, Safe and Sound features five gay erotic short stories.

This collection features my favourite from the whole "Boy Fun" anthology: JL Merrow's "Kit Bag". This gym-based threesome tickled my funny bone at the same time as being insanely hot. Little Kit's lust to be a slave boy for the two muscle-bound hunks who work out at his gym was beautifully realised, and JL Merrow's prose sparkles as always.

The other stories all seem to share a theme of either threesomes or anonymous sex with strangers (occasionally both). Landon Dixon's tale of a bear sandwich in a boat made me chuckle, but the other three stories didn't really hit the mark for me - perhaps because I didn't feel enough of an emotional connection to the narrators to really care what happened. Still, this collection is well worth buying even if only for the JL Merrow story!

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