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by Jane Peart

It seems like so long ago that I picked up this book.

If I remember right, it all started when I saw THE VIRGINIAN on a shelf at my local Barnes & Noble. I looked it up when I got home and found out that it was one of the first novels set in the Wild West. I thought it would be interesting to read it and found it on Gutenberg (it's in the public domain). But the thing is, I find reading on a computer screen to be difficult. I'm not like some people who say they can't read on a computer screen because it's not as "special" as reading a physical book. I actually find it pretty difficult because I always lose my place after leaving the webpage for a while. (I didn't know about the function on Gutenberg where you can read a book like a book until later.)

Anyway, having tired of trying to read it on the screen, I tried to find it at my local library. I was looking at the catalog on the website and it wasn't there. One book that was suggested was this book. I loved the cover because it made me feel a strange nostalgia. Why? Because it reminded me of the cover of the Charming Classics version of The Wizard of Oz, which is pretty nostalgic for me. (Seriously, look it up. They're very similar.)

So I held the book, thinking it would be like THE VIRGINIAN, a western or something. I looked at the summary and found out it wasn't going to be anything like it but I still decided to read it.

I started it tomorrow last year. It started out pretty slow. I got in about 30 pages and stopped. A few months later, I started again and I got about 80 pages in. I returned it to the library. Then I felt nostalgic for the book and I got it again. It's not often that I leave a book unfinished. I usually come back to an unfinished book even if it's years after I stopped reading it.

I recently got the book DUNE, started it, and decided to just finish The COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO and this book before I continued it. So I finally finished this book. And by the end, I was surprised by how much I liked it.

So it's basically about this one young woman who lives in the West with her father. A sick man is brought to them one day by another man. It turns out the other man stole gold from the sick man. The sick guy is nursed back to health at the girl's father's farm and he decides to stay and help them. The girl (she's fifteen at the beginning, if I remember right, and eighteen at the end) gets married to the guy after her father dies and they go back to Virginia. (That's why the book came up when I typed THE VIRGINIAN into the search bar of my library's online catalog.) The girl knew that the man was a Confederate soldier but when she arrives at his mansion, finds it quite desolate. And the book is basically about how she deals with the situation after that.

It's quite romantic, okay not really. I was hoping for a western because of the cover illustration but it wasn't, and I knew it wouldn't be by the time I got it. But it was okay. And I saw that it was the sixth book in the series but I liked the cover more than the other books in the series. There are 15 books in the series (Goodreads says 16 but the fifth and sixth books are actually just combined and form the fifth book). The first was published in 1985 and the last in 2000.

This book actually ends with a kind of cliffhanger. I think I might even read the next book in the series.

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