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by Jack Remick

11 short stories-badly needs a good editor, for sentence fragments and sentence structure. Are these really named chapters? [The writer likes busty redheads.] Most of these are erotic writings, with a small story to keep it from being full-up porn.. Others seems if written from peyote dreams or acid trips.
Not a fan.

Roach - Definitely weird. Funny though, but not the 'holding the belly' kind of funny. - 2 stars

Lizard - Predictable. Was probably supposed to be enticing. Better writing than the previous tale. - 3 stars

Monics Metallica NSFW -Graphic sex fro a sex addict. A wild ride. If a short story, it stands alone. If a chapter, I'm not sure of the point, unless it's to display an open relationship with an unnamed control freak. - 3 stars

The Machine - Apparently Archer (and the workers) are dead, in Heaven and run the Machine. There's some stream of conscienceless writing. - 2 stars

Python - One must kill to eat, eat to live, to live forever, human hearts. No idea exactly why, yet. Though this one was only 2 pages it's the strongest, best written so far! Gives me hope for the rest. - 5 stars

Ravens - Carmen is such an understanding 2nd wife. When Elgin literally bumps into Corva, on hard time, she insists she move in. After a few months, Elgin and Corva, after a night of violence upon each other, decide to try to "make it work again." But as luck would have it, … These two are a walking disaster movie! Minus 1 star for violence. - 4 stars

Crocodile - Many NSFW sexual fantasy scenes, some dreamed by Diana, some possibly real. Diana, a girl ready for marriage, wants instead t be a dancer. Her mother thinks differently. Dark meanings, dark urges, but it ends with Diana succumbing to Aaron, the dancer; though she initiates, she turns away. Puzzling. Is this a secret fantasy for the author? - 3 stars

Mr Doom - Mr Doom killed his woman's lover, didn't do time, asked the Writer about women. Interesting social play between the 3 men. - 3 stars

Frogs - In a train station, Max meets his daughter, Dona. The philosophy of time being passed onto one's offspring happens, they go their own ways. Monica shows up, unnamed,and waits… for the same thing? Oblique as hell. - 3 stars

Horse - NSFW - Nick's work clothes = black lycra shorts, sleeveless (??) fish net tank top, leather sandals with lace up the legs and 18" bolo knife. Weird! The dwarf is chest high to Nick (Is Nick 5' tall?) The dwarf continues to figureheavily in the story despite multiple deaths of his own. More stream of consciousness writing, more nonsense. The car was damaged and abandoned, yet is right to hand, working just fine when needed. - 1 star

Fish - NSFW - More drug induced storytelling, this time I think about Hell. The apocalypse mentioned in Revelations come to mind; in fact, the writing is very similar to it except for the references to God and messiah and anti-Christ, etc. The writerthinks everything has 'the scent of fish' - I should have done a word count on the words fish, blood, maggots, throat, slime, breasts, stench. - 1 star

Errors: pg 22-cacti not cactus; various missing commas.

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