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by Robert Bauval

I have had this book on the to read shelf for a while and decided it was time to finish it off. Now I have to admit that I have read a great deal of these type of books that purport an alternate history to what is currently considered as fact ie the timeline of when the pyramids was built. I find these type of books interesting but more often than not the theories are based on half ideas that are fleshed out to become probable but never realised. I mean how many times can the Ark of the Covenant or the true mean of the Holy Grail be 'discovered'?

Anyway back to Bauval's book, first of all this is not about a secret chamber under the Sphinx or the Pyramids as is purported. What this book is about is about the politics of who owns the history of Egypt and who can hold the 'true' history. Through Bauval you meet minor and major players who are all trying to lay some claim to know the true history of Egypt. There are many faults with the book but what for me made it interesting was how all these parties want to discover something about ancient Egyptian History interact with each other and the protectiveness of what they claim to know. What is skimmed over is the amount of money that the media has brought into this environment, the live broadcasts, book deals for all making 'that' discovery and the impact this has had on cash strapped archaeological parties.

As for the secret chamber it seems to be still that but reading this you understand why archaeology the claims to discovery of anything new or different from the mainstream can jeopardise your professional standing and that is not confined to Egypt. I remember the controversy around Lucy and the discovery of the 'hobbits' in Indonesia.

The book was hard to read in that jumped all over the place and bits like 'author's inspirational drawing' did make laugh but Bauval has provided an interesting insight into the politics of history in Egypt.

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