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by Caryll Houselander

It seems to me that one of the best things a person can say about a book upon completing it is that he wishes it was longer.This is my experience with "The Reed of God."Not simply a journey with the Virgin Mary from the Annunciation to the Assumption, it is one long prayer with her.Spiritual insights into her life as Mother of Jesus evolve into spiritual insights into how we are called to live our lives as Christians.A real, human Mary becomes a real, human exemplar for us as we walk along our journey to God.All of this comes during a time when the author is in the midst of the carnage of the Second World War in England.Acknowledging the devastation and loss, she rather chooses to focus on the love of Christ and His mother, a love that overcomes everything, a love we are to accept, espouse, share, and imitate.

Eminently quotable, you will find passage after passage that you will wish to mark so that you can return to them time and again or pass them along to friends.(One of my favorite examples: "What we are asked to do is to be made one with Christ, to allow Him to abide in us, to make his home in us, and gradually, through the oneness that results from living one life, and through the miracles of His love consummated again and again in Communion with Him, to become Christs, to live in Him as Our Lady did.")Take it to prayer, reading a chapter, a page, or a paragraph as the Spirit moves you — you will be blessed.

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