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short review / longer review / “is Maltin your reviewer” exercise

The Short Review

Leonard Maltin is a well-known movie reviewer and critic in the U.S. This book is one of an annual series which he publishes, each of course being updated with movies from the previous year. There was a time early on when the books were allowed to grow like Topsy, but at some point pruning was begun.

This is a very good guide to movies if you need one. Each movie is given a very brief sentence, or two description, a rating from **** down to *1/2 in half star increments. The rare “one star” rating is simply denoted BOMB.

Do you need a movie guide? How the hell would I know. I suspect if you do need one, you have one. But if you think you need one, but don’t have one, read on. Else, thanks for stopping by. ;}

More info

The reason I need a Movie Guide is, I like to occasionally watch one on TV, and I’ve seen so few that I want a little guidance. (However, I do read movie reviews (not but Leonard Maltin) by the dozens.)

But before going further. We all know that the movie reviewer for us is the one who judges movies as we do. So here’s an exercise to help you determine is Maltin your reviewer?

These are nine of the Academy Award winners for best picture from 1990 up to 2008. Maltin rated only three of them as **** movies. The rest he rated *** (one even ** 1/2). (All others in this period he rated *** 1/2, which is too close to the other ratings to try to make distinctions.)

2008 – Slumdog Millionaire
2004 – Million Dollar Baby
2002 – Chicago
2001 – A Beautiful Mind
2000 – Gladiator
1994 – Forrest Gump
1993 – Schindler’s List
1992 – Unforgiven
1990 – Dances With Wolves

OF these nine movies, which three did you like most? Maltin’s are at the bottom of the review.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Back to the book. Here’s a typical entry, to illustrate what info is here.
Pushing Tin (1999) C-124m. **1/2 D:Mike Newell. John Cusack, Billy Bob Thornton, Cate Blanchett, Angelina Jolie, Jake Weber, Vicki Lewis. Seriocomic slice of life about the high-pressure world of air-traffic controllers. Best-of-the-best Cusack gets caught in a macho competition with the new guy, Zen cowboy Thornton. MASH-like ensemble film starts off extremely well, with strong performances and snappy repartee, but crash-lands in its second half, becoming a dull domestic romantic comedy about Cusack trying to win back his estranged wife. Blanchett’s quite good in an underwritten role as a Longuyland housewife. First feature script by Cheers creators Glen and Les Charles. Super35. [R] [3 symbols]

The [symbols] are there to notate the type of home video available: Up to three symbols may appear, denoting DVD, (retro) tape, and laserdisc. There may be additional symbols used in newer editions than mine. (By the way, this particular entry is probably longer than average by a dozen or two words.)

Okay. Now second, I’ve selected three pages at random, and show below all the movies on those pages grouped by Maltin’s ratings. Here’s where you might get some idea of whether your tastes jibe with his.


***1/2 Gate of Hell (1953-Japanese); Gates of Heaven (1978); The Gay Divorcee (1934); Rocky (1976); Roger and Me (1989)

*** Arabesque (1966); Arabian Nights (1974-Italian-French); Arachnophobia (1990); A Gathering of Eagles (1963); Gattaca (1997); Rocky II (1979); The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975-British); Rocky Mountain (1950); Rogue Cop (1954)

**1/2 An Arabian Adventure (1979-British); Arabian Nights (1942); Ararat (2002-Canadian-U.S.); The Architect (2006); Arch of Triumph (1948); The Gauntlet (1977); Rocky III (1982); Rocky IV (1985); Rocky Balboa (2006); Roger Dodger (2002)

** Arabian Knight (1995); Arctic Tale (2007); Gator (1976); The Gaucho (1927); Gaudi Afternoon (2002-Spanish); Rocky V (1990); Rodan (1956-Japanese)

*1/2 Gate II (1992); The Gatling Gun (1972); Gator Bait (1976); Gator Bait II: Cajun Justice (1988)


Okay, no **** and no BOMB ratings on those pages.

So here’s the first five BOMBs I found (randomly): Pootie Tang (2001); The Curse (1987); The Concorde – Airport ’79 (1979); On My Way to the Crusades, I Met a Girl Who ,,, (1968-Italian); The Stranger Returns (1968-U.S.-Italian). Here’s the thing … If you’ve seen any of these, you definitely need a movie guide; and if you’ve seen more than one (a) you desperately need a movie guide, but (b) you wouldn’t use it, and (c) I’m amazed that you’re reading this review, because (d) surely you’re late for a movie!?

Okay, back to those nine best-picture winners.

The three movies that Maltin gave his highest ranking to were: Slumdog Millionaire, Schindler’s List and Dances with Wolves. Forrest Gump got the **1/2

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