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by Judy Harrow

For more advanced Pagan worshippers who are ready to deeply interact with their religion, Devoted to You offers an insightful and complete exploration of four significant deities. Many witches and Pagans worship specific Goddesses and Gods, gaining insight and guidance from their presence. Wiccans can look to Aphrodite to connect them with love, beauty, and sex. Gala, Mother Earth, teaches about the living planet, helping Pagans to appreciate and care for her. Brigit, the Celtic Goddess of creativity and healing, inspires readers to develop their own talents and skills. Anubis guides the way into the deep mysteries of death and transformation. Like all the ancient Gods, these four can enlighten and inspire today just as they affected the lives of those in ancient civilizations.Devoted to You features information on these four deities from a variety of cultures: Egyptian, Celtic, Greek, each written by an expert in his or her field. Readers will gain an understanding of the archetypes that devoted Wiccans are drawn to; the names the deities have been called in various cultures, times, and places; and the various myths associated with the Gods and Goddesses. Each deity is also connected with one of the four Earth Sabbats and they are explained with regard to suggested ritual and meditative exercises. In Devoted to You, Judy Harrow offers advice on how to apply these insights and power to daily life.

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