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by Candy Ann Little

Unforgiving Ghosts by Candy Ann Little

Please note that, although I received a free copy as a routine Amazon promotion, this is a spontaneous and unbiased review of this book.

This book opens with Megan - the lead character - travelling most of the way across America, seemingly on a whim.

To a casual viewer, Megan is a charming and personable woman who readily attracts attention, being both open and giving. She quickly becomes popular with most people she meets and this creates many opportunities for her, her home-maker skills and empathy helping to secure her a valuable position as a cook with a wealthy family in Santa Barbara.

And then things get complicated.

This is an endearing romantic tale with lots of surprises and engaging, realistic characters that you can't help but like, the story starting confidently with a warm but vulnerable woman seeking a new life in a new state. There are rivalries, flirtatious men and discord between siblings to further complicate matters, but surprisingly it's Megan's honesty and vulnerability that create the most problems for her. And just when you think things are going to turn out for the best, Megan's past catches up with her and then everything changes.

Unforgiving Ghosts is an excellent début novel from a now established author which both entertains and also serves to make you question your own motives. It raises some important issues and is a book that many men could do to read, helping them more fully understand certain feminine viewpoints. Overall, it's a most enjoyable, heartwarming book and I'm very happy giving it a four stars out of five rating.

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