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by Karen Armstrong

I've been on a quest to read more about Islam, (so I will not be an absolute ignoramus about it, as Americans are often accused of being.).I've read a few books on the topic, but this is the first one I can honestly recommend.Karen Armstrong has not written a page-turner with this biography of Muhammad - in fact, I brought it with me for a long plane-flight, figuring only total boredom would force me to read it.But she has written a powerful biography that not only details Muhammad's long and very interesting career, it also reveals his beating heart, his absolute sincerity, and his humanity in both its frailty and its spiritual strength.I was genuinely touched by what I learned of Muhammad's spiritual visions, his kindness, his integrity, and especially his relationships with women.And, oh yes, I definitely did improve my knowledge of Islam, which Armstrong is able to unpack with great skill.

It IS a bit tedious to plow through in places.But truly:if you want to understand the spiritual core of Islam - not the Islam that has been co-opted by terrorists - this is a great place to start.

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