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by William C. Dietz

Five short novels by five masters of military science fiction. It's a war out there. In these pulse-pounding tales, the best (or worst) soldiers in the galaxy are pitted against powerful aliens on distant battlefields. Never before published stories about monsters, deadly combat tech, treachery, and honor: LEGIO PATRIA NOSTRA-by William C. Dietz. The insectoid Ramanthians have occupied Earth, and the Confederacy of Sentient Beings needs assistance from the xenophobic Hudathans in order to survive. But some Hudathan relics have been stolen, and the Hudathans won't join the Confederacy unless Legion Captain Deacon Smith can get them back. And that's going to be difficult because the thieves are ex-legionnaires-and they have a platoon of heavily armed cyborgs! A Legion of the Damned(r) story. PRISONER OF WAR-by Kevin J. Anderson. Set in the world of Harlan Ellison's classic Outer Limits episode "Soldier, " this is a tale about a set of warriors in a never-ending future war, men bred for nothing but the battleground-and how they cope with the horrors of...peace. REARDON'S LAW-by Brad R. Torgersen. When expensive, classified shipments of military hardware go missing, Conflux Armed Forces policewoman Kalliope Reardon is called in to work the case. She gets way more than she bargained for, as the trail takes her far outside the boundaries of the civilized galaxy, and into the heart of occupied enemy territory. DAGGER TEAM SEVEN-by R. M. Meluch. The evidence is clear and damning-A. C. Cade was a fraud. Cade's son makes himself into the man he used to believe his father was-a pilot of an elite Dagger Team, defending Earth against a desperate alien invader which has no use for humankind and absolutely nothing to lose. COFFEE BLACK SEA-by Aaron Allston. The saga of the Dollgangers from "Big Plush" (Five by Five Vol. 1) continues. Bow, BeeBee, Lina, and new 'gangers escalate the risks of their quest for survival... by turning their eyes to the star

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