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by Karen E. Bender

A moving collection of personal essays about the real, human experiences behind the highly politicized issue of reproductive choice.

At a time when a woman’s most complex decisions have been reduced to political rhetoric and impersonal theory, and political debate has been hijacked by pundits and name-callers, Choice joins the discourse with an assortment of candid voices in an effort to humanize the debate about reproductive rights. In addressing a wide range of women’s choices—from using birth control to taking the morning-after pill, from adopting a child to putting a child up for adoption, from having an abortion to bringing a pregnancy to full term—Choice explores the complexities inherent in every reproductive decision.

Including twenty-four honest, heartrending essays from established writers such as Francine Prose, Jacquelyn Mitchard, Pam Houston, Ann Hood, and Sarah Messer and emerging talents such as Kimi Faxon Hemingway, Stephanie Anderson, and Ashley Talley, Choice will allow you to truly understand the meaning of the word “choice”—regardless of what side of the debate you stand on.


Stephanie Andersen
Karen E. Bender
Janet Ellerby
Carolyn Ferrell
Denise Gess
Nina de Gramont
Katie Allison Granju
Kimi Faxon Hemmingway
Sandy Hingston
Ann Hood
Pam Houston
Valina Hasu Houston
Kate Maloy
Deborah E. McDowell
Sarah Messer
Jacquelyn Mitchard
Catherine Newman
Francine Prose
Ashley Talley
Katherine Towler
Harriette E. Wimm
Susan Ito
Elizabeth Larsen

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