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by Henry Denker

A remarkable book of courage and determination.

Excellent read.New Year's Day and Dad "Pepper" and 16-year old son, Bud are visiting friends, etc.Pepper's had a drink at every stop and is drunk.It's time to head home to pick up his wife for dinner.Knowing his dad has had too much to drink, Bud asks to drive (passed driver's ed but not licensed). His dad refused saying his family doesn't break the law.Drunken Pepper drove instead.A terrible accident occurs where Bud has to have brain surgery and is now hooked up to a respirator to keep him alive.Pepper knows it's his fault.His wife Lily knows.The state troopers at the scene of the accident know.The doctor who medevac-ed Bud to the hospital knows.

The anguish of not knowing the prognosis and desperately seeking answers from those who may or may not know much more than the seeker(s).

Pepper is an arrogant know-it-all and speaks condescendingly to his wife in front of others.He's getting on my last nerve!

The second half of the book covers pretty much step-by-step Bud's rehab.While the reader may think rehabilitation is a quick, simple process, in here we learn differently.Some rehab goals are never achieved.

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