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by Graham Joyce

This is a straight-up ghost story for teens. Sophie befriends the geeky James when they both see an ominous, quickly-vanishing message on a wall: "The time has come." Their smart but decrepit old friend, Mrs Royston, explains that they are 'savants', gifted(?) with the ability to see what others can't. Weird dreams lead them to explore an abandoned house, where unquiet spirits roam. The demonic climax is dark and exciting.

This is all very atmospheric and creepy, but it also holds the reader with its compelling characters: Sophie and James are very believable teenagers, fun to read about, and indeed the novel sets up the possibility of 'psychic detective' sequels.

(The title, however, is wildly irrelevant to the book, which barely features a ladder, and when it does it's just that: a ladder. Doubtless dreamt up by the publisher's marketing department!)

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