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by Doris Mortman

Vera Hart has it all: a cosmetics empire, international recognition, a devoted daughter, and a legion of fans. But her world suddenly comes crashing down. First, someone is sabotaging her company. Next, her enemies are moving in. And then someone begins to kill using the most insidious means possible—cosmetics that bear Vera's name.
Martie Phelps is estranged from Vera, her mother. A military doctor in the first Gulf war, Martie has scars and demons she holds close. As a single mother, all she wants is a quiet life with her daughter. Now, the glamorous, complicated Vera Hart is making overtures to her: Vera wants Martie back in her life.
Greta Hart wants her sister, Martie, to stay gone. Greta has always been the dutiful daughter who Vera has taken for granted. This current crisis is helping Vera pull Martie closer. And Greta doesn't like it.
All three women are searching for answers. Who wants to bring down Vera Hart? How intense can a rivalry between estranged sisters get? And when will the killer strike next?

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