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by Michael Lee

Jake and his friends were stranded on a desert island with a small group of survivors from a plane crash. Only he cannot remember what happened. All he remembers is dying. Something happened on that island. Others died as well. He can't remember if his friends survived. All Jake can do is return to his dreams to piece together the memories of the crash landing on the island an their struggles to survive amongst each other.

It's not quite paradise

The chilled tiles of the floor are cold against your bare feet as you step quietly across the bathroom. Having become accustomed to the dark night, the lights in the white room hurt your eyes. You pause next to one of the stalls, eyes half open, waiting to adjust to the brightness. Finally, you step around a small pool of water on the floor and come to stand before the mirror.
Your eyes are sunken; dark rings line the flesh below the once sparkling gray orbs. Your lips are pressed together in a grim frown, but the edges of your mouth turn up in the corners like someone who is used to smiling often. Your dark eyes contrast with the sun-bleached hair that sticks out on your head and over your ears, unkempt now, but once styled neatly.
You shift your feet on the cold tiles, bits of sand and dirt grinding beneath them.
You brake your gaze away from your reflection and look down into the white porcelain sink.
You turn the faded silver hot-water tap on the faucet. Soon, steam rises up from the sink.
Hesitantly, as if fearing the consequences, and with a trembling hand, you move one hand under the water, then the other.
Slowly, and then as if becoming more certain, you begin rubbing them together beneath the flow of steaming water.
Crimson blood streams off your fingers to stain the polished white porcelain of the single bathroom sink.

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