PDF Powerpuff Pajamarama (Powerpuff Girls, #17): PDF

by Tracey West

"The Powerpuff Girls" is Cartoon Network's highest-rated show among kids 2-11. It's a mega-hit! And so are Scholastic's books, which have been bestsellers for over three years.

Hooray! Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are having a slumber party! All the girls from Pokey Oaks Kindergarten are coming. When the Girls' archenemy Mojo Jojo hears about the sleepover, he decides he wants to go, too. So he disguises himself as a little girl named Mojicia and crashes the party!

After a few hours of girl talk, Mojo discovers sleeping over at the enemy's can be a lot of fun! Will the infamous villain have a chance of heart? Or will The Powerpuff Girls end up sleeping with the fishes?

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