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by Virginia Brown

With her big blue eyes and copper hair, young Jennifer Allison never knew how beautiful she was — or how her beauty could kindle a man's passion. Until today. Today she is abducted from her sleepy Texas town by Kane Ransom, a dark, handsome man whose wicked smile is marked by vengeance. He has a vendetta. And his target is Jennifer's own renegade brother Johnny.

They're on the road to Dodge City — and a possible showdown with the Dawson Gang. But before this, Jenny sees another side of Kane — a side not tainted by bitterness. Suddenly, the blush that heats her skin is no longer caused by his angry touch but by the fiery awakening of her own desire. And while Kane and Jenny are thrust together to face the perils of a foreboding wilderness and evade the savage eyes of hostile Indians, they must grapple with an even more powerful force. For in one heated, unguarded moment, a quest for revenge can easily become something else—a love like a prairie wildfire, searing out of control and consuming everything in its path...

The loveliest girl in her sleepy Texas town, Jennifer Allison is unaware of how she can kindle a man's heart—until a tall, dark stranger named Kane Ransom rides in. Kane has a vendetta—to capture Jenny's brother, a member of the evil Dawson gang—and he's not above kidnapping Jenny to bring him to justice.

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