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by Hunter Raines

Bedtime Stories' webmaster Carter Roth has two great passions: his work, and his lover, Brody Mann. For years, he's tried to shield Brody from the viciousness of his vampire nature, and has succeeded in building a relationship based on respect, sensitivity and tenderness. Unfortunately, Brody's never home to appreciate Carter's doting devotion.
A digital security expert working for a secret government agency, Brody is away on secret missions more often than not. And as much as Carter hates to admit it, when Brody's around they're not exactly setting the bed sheets on fire.

Luckily, his job demands all his pent-up energy. Lovingly crafting and maintaining the Bedtime Stories website — and sneaking free reads whenever he can get away with it — helps Carter take his mind off the distinct lack of heat in his relationship. So when he learns that someone's hacked into his precious website, Carter is determined to track down the culprit and make him pay!

But it soon becomes clear that the hacker knows things he shouldn't... about Carter, about Brody, and about everything that's missing from their sex lives.

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