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by Vivian Lux

He placed a heavy hand on each of my shoulders. “From what I know about praying, you do it on your knees.” And he pushed down.

The rumors about the Devil's Due Motorcycle Club have been swirling for years, ever since they started converging on the tiny, dusty town of Flint Springs.

Cora Lynn is her daddy's little angel, but the roar of the bikes keeps sending evils thrills down her spine. When her family finds that their church service is being drowned out by noise from the bar across the street, Cora is sent to ask the bikers nicely to please keep it down.

Sweet, churchgoing Cora finds herself face to face with mocking, dangerous Wyatt. He looks just like the devil himself.

And like the devil he proves to be incredibly tempting.

Cora Lynn has heard the rumors about what the Devil's Due does with women.

She's about to find out that the rumors are true.

This erotic short story is set the year before the events in the Devil's Due Motorcycle Club saga and contains rough sex between a menacing biker and a church-going girl who gets thoroughly corrupted. Before you start the saga, surrender your senses to danger and the thrill of the open road.

We finally reached the church steps. The noise from the bar was deafening. My father moved his mouth, but I couldn't make out the words over the din. He motioned us inside but the doors only cut the noise enough so that we could hear his shouts.

“WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING!” he roared at my mother.

“LET’S ASK PASTOR DALE!” she screamed back.

The pastor was hidden in his back office, seeking respite from the noise. I couldn't overhear their shouted conversation. Instead I sat down in one of the pews. The rumbling of the engines was vibrating the walls and the floor of the church; and vibrating the wooden pews as well. Before I could help myself, I leaned in, rocking forward in my seat until the vibrations hit me in just the right spot. I moaned softly, but it was thankfully drowned out by the noise.

“CORA LYNN!” my father shouted, his lips right next to my ear. I jumped guiltily, wondering if he knew what I was up to.



I blinked at him in surprise. “Me?”


I stood up obediently from the pew and headed for the door before I realized how foolish it was. What they do to women; the thought clanged in my ears like a bell. I turned to look at my father, shocked that he would send me, his angel of only nineteen, into the lion’s den. But when I sought his eyes to ask him to reconsider, he ducked and refused to meet my gaze.

My father was afraid. He was afraid of the Devil’s Due Motorcycle Club and he was sending me to do his work.

I closed my jaw with a snap, having just realized that it was hanging open in shock. The noise of the engines was so loud it was rattling my teeth. I couldn't think with all of the din. So instead of arguing, I turned and headed out the heavy wooden doors.

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