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by W. Terry Whalin

By the hundreds of thousands, men are joing the Promise Keepers, an organization offering spiritual guidance and community to Christians. Since the movement began in 1990 with fewer than a hundred men, it has grown to nearly two million, packing stadiums in cities throughout the country with individuals striving for enlightenment and a closer life with God. The apostle Luke once declared quite simply, "Men should always pray." Turning to prayer and making it a critical part of your life will open your heart to God and further your spiritual journey. That is why prayer serves as the foundation of the Promise Keepers movement. Who better than Stephen Shanklin, a leader of prayer for the Promise Keepers, to offer a book of moving and inspirational prayers to the organization's followers. First, The Book of Prayers teaches the importance of prayer, motivating men to make a connection with God. Then he helps guide men through prayer. Each chapter begins with a brief story about a man searching for spiritual help, followed by several prayers, and finishing with brief passages from the Bible.These prayers will serve men in every aspect of their lives: Prayers for CouragePrayers of ThanksgivingPrayers of RejoicingPrayers for RepentancePrayers for Family The strength and power of The Book of Prayers comes not only in its depth and conviction, but also in its celebration of the very spirit of a life with God.

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