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by Robert A. Hunt

From a massive nebula, the Genation nebula, came a female volk carrying twins. She will not only give birth to Eddy Evon, the narrator of the first Genation story, but she will start an adventure like no other for it will involve the entire planet earth.
Follow Eddy, the son of his volk mother, Gastonish, as they form an alliance with the united States Government. From Eddy's own words, you will learn what is was like for him to be raised in tight seclusion. Because they came across space and time, other off planet creatures want to learn what secrets they might hold.
Everyone wants something and no one is satisfied. The Government competes with other Governments of the world to understand the advanced intellect of the volks first, while aliens try to abduct them. No one can be trusted as every next move becomes a battle of wits to stay alive. While the stakes are high, the volks, Eddy and Gastonish plot, in secret, how they will return to their home world, but to re-trace ones steps through space and time is no simple task for anyone. Many secrets come to light, as Eddy discovers his brother, believed to have died at birth, had in fact survived. Earth eventually becomes no place for a volk to live, and at a cataclysmic climax before the story's end, the questions on everyone's mind is, Will Eddy be able to pull it off, and if so, how?
Complete with a bonus chapter which will thrill you beyond your expectations, Genation is sure to be the next number one hit for some time.

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