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by William Holmes McGuffey

William Holmes McGuffey (1800-1873), American educator and writer. He is best known for creating the McGuffey Readers which are still in use today. The McGuffey Reader (with an active table of contents) contains 11 books, including:
• McGuffey’s Eclectic Primer, Revise Edition
• McGuffey’s Eclectic Spelling Book
• McGuffey’s Fifth Eclectic Reader
• McGuffey’s First Eclectic Reader, Revised Edition
• McGuffey’s Fourth Eclectic Reader
• McGuffey’s Second Eclectic Reader
• McGuffey’s Sixth Eclectic Reader
• McGuffey’s Third Eclectic Reader
• The New McGuffey First Reader
• The New McGuffey Fourth Reader
• A History of the McGuffey Readers by Henry Hobart Vail

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