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by Daniel Kelly

The Bible is a river with many tributaries. Join author Daniel Kelly in following the parallel myths, the pagan streams, back to the hidden wellsprings of mystical source, pristine and primeval.
The main themes of Pagan Steams: An Inquiry Into The Origins Of The Bible are as follows:
-Parallel myths. We investigate specific myths and folktales, from all around the world, that parallel specific Bible stories. The extensive footnotes and endnotes cite hundreds of primary ancient texts and authoritative academic translations.
-Spiritual meaning. The purpose of Pagan Streams is not only to uncover historical truths, but also, and even more so, to discover spiritual truths. The Bible is merely our starting point. We seek to discover the great truths enshrined within every religious and cultural tradition.
-Science and metaphysics. Ancient myths and scriptures often reveal an astoundingly advanced understanding of nature. Pagan Streams: An Inquiry Into The Origins Of The Bible seeks to bridge the divide betwixt the ancient understanding of nature and that of conventional modern science.
Pagan Streams: An Inquiry Into The Origins Of The Bible is meant for the open-minded reader, as a literary sanctuary of sorts, complete with gardens and pavilions. Enjoy the scenery, take what you will, and share it with others.

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