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by Marek Rola-Pleszczynski

Lymphocytes constitute the central cell type of the immune system. Over the last two decades, very powerful tools have become available with which to define their characteristics and functions. For example, monoclonal antibodies have allowed fine phenotypic characterization of various subpopulations of lymphocytes. The discovery of an ever-growing number of cytokines and growth factors, along with the structural elucidation of their receptors, was a result of refined bioassays, cloning and sequencing techniques. Lymphocytes, more than any other cell type, function in a network of cellular and humoral interactions. These humoral interactions include not only cytokines, but also hormones, neurotransmitters and lipid mediators. In addition, the manipulation of the immune system is effected by numerous exogenous substances with the properties of agonists, antagonists, metabolic inhibitors or biological response modifiers.
It is in this context that this volume forms an essential part of the Handbook of Immunopharmacology series. The main focus of the book is on T lymphocytes and NK cells. The physiology and immunopharmacology of B cells, although not covered in a separate chapter, form an integral part of the sections on modulation by inflammatory mediators, hormones and neuropeptides. This volume acts as a good starting point on which to build and a stepping stone to future discoveries.

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