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by James Stevenson

In THE NIGHT AFTER CHRISTMAS, Teddy, a stuffed bear, and Annie, a doll, find themselves in the garbage after their children get new toys for Christmas. Luckily, a dog named Chauncey rescues them from being taken to the dump. Chauncey takes them to his home. After a short while, Teddy and Annie get really sad and lonely living in the storage room. One day Chauncey decides to take them somewhere special. Chauncey takes them to a public school and places them on at the entrance walls. When the bell rings the children run out past the wall so they can go home. When the noise of the children calms down, Chauncey looks at the walls Teddy and Annie are gone—both being found by children from the school. The last illustration shows Teddy and Annie with their new children. This is a cute story with pretty illustrations. We really enjoyed it.

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