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by L.A. Day

Barbarian Mate L.A. Day In the land of Barbar, female sorcerers created a realm separate from the barbarian males. Only for reproduction do the females seek out men. Eliza is the future priestess of the female clan and it's her time to gather seed. As a young female, she chose Bruton as her seed giver. His rippling muscles and sweet words fascinate her but she knows she can't accept anything but his seed. Her people need her and she must return to them even if she leaves her heart with her Barbarian Mate. Eliza doesn't remember her childhood in Barbar, but Bruton does, just as he remembers capturing her two years earlier as she spied on him at his bath. She was too young to collect his seed then, so he set her free. He's been waiting for the day Eliza would return but this time he intends to keep her. He binds her body to keep her at his side but can his love and their explosive passion bind her heart to his or will she return to her people with his seed and his heart?

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