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by Norah Hess

Amateur hour once again. It is taking serious effort on my part to continue with this story. The female lead character, Serena, is a stupid spoiled b*tch. The only comment I have about the male lead character Josh, is that his last name is Quade and I keep thinking about "Total Recall" (Arnold Schwarzenegger movie) and the freaky thing that popped out of that guy's stomach. Neither character is impressing me here.
The story started to get better, still far from being good mind you, when they start on the Oregon Trail. However, the story still couldn't hold my attention as I kept thinking about the old computer game "Oregon Trail" and how much damn fun it was to play.
When they ford the river in the story I thought back sadly to numerous oxen over the years I had lost fording my own river in the game.
Alright, so their first booty scene came out of nowhere, like different universe nowhere, and was sucky.
Hey shout out to Ft. Kearney! I use to live about 30 miles north of there and I wasn't aware there were any mountains in that area or any part of Nebraska. Ok what in the holy hell is going on. Ms. Hess has the wagon train just entering NE then just a week later arriving at Ft. Laramie! WTF, yes in 1864 Wyoming didn't exist (it was considered Idaho) but it's sheer dumbness to say a wagon train could cross all of NE (or what was called NE territory but basically the same borders during this time as the current state has ) and make it to Ft. Laramie in a week. Maybe I know to much about this (being from NE and being hammered down with its one claim to fame, the Oregon Trail) but come on!! Research Ms. Hess, research.
I'm not usually a proponent for domestic violence but when Josh slapped Serena across the face I was jealous I couldn't do the same thing.Uuugggghhh! I just read that they traveled 40 miles in one day in a covered wagon! And here I was under the impression the average was around 10 miles a day. Jesus, get me some of whatever they were feeding those oxen.
This book was so bad it got my competitive juices flowing and it was me against the book to read the whole thing, which I did. It never got better and where the hell was the editor on this one? This book was so bad I don't know if I should laugh or cry over how it wasted time from my life to read it.

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