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by Shayne McClendon

The second novel in the hit “Just a Little” series brings you “Just a Little Crazy” - the story of courageous and fierce women who aren't all-together sane.

Brave, heart-wrenching, comical, and uplifting…these two stories will thrill you.Be prepared to be hooked from the very first page and stay up all night reading.

Just a Little Crazy
Wilhelmina “Willie” Bonham is a hard living dangerous woman.She won’t commit to a man, a pet, or even a potted plant.She’s a stunning force of nature that doles out her own version of justice, which includes taking down anyone that gets in her way.

So when volatile Willie gets paramedic Jon Marchetti into her bed, Jon has no idea of the wild ride he’s about to get on.He blissfully ignores the warning signs and plunges headfirst into her world of crazy without a net or a safe word.

She soon realizes he can give as well as he gets.

Jon will be damned if he’ll let Willie kick him out of bed the next morning or ever.

Quiet & Crazy
“Quiet & Crazy” is the second in the three-part “Quiet” series – interwoven tales that feature heroines who are deaf…but that doesn’t stop them from going after what they want.

Noel Lang was born deaf and many people in her life have underestimated her because of it.She takes no shit, makes no excuses, and does exactly what she damn well pleases.

Men aren’t high on her list of priorities.

Until she gets another look at her brother’s best friend, Rick Yates.She tries to keep things casual – neither wanting or expecting promises of happily ever after – but Rick has other plans.

Crazy loves company.

A perfect mix of fearlessness, erotic romance, suspense, and superb characters, meet Willie, Jon, Noel, & Rick today.

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NOTE: Contains explicit sexual language and references. This book is intended for mature audiences. Do not read if these things offend you.

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