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by Wendy Lyn Watson

It's the Lantana County Fair day in Dalliance, Texas, when out of the blue, who strolls past the A-la-mode ice cream booth but Sonny Anders, Bree's ex husband, who she hasn't seen since he walked out on her and their daughter, Alice, fifteen years ago. He's walking with another woman looking very smug and successful. This really frosts Bree as she never saw one red cent of child support money from this loser. Now for the final insult; his lawyer, Kristen Ver Steeg has served her papers questioning Alice's paternity. If that isn't enough to make Bree, her cousin Tally and her 85 year old grandma, Peachy, madder than a wet hen, what is? Well, maybe being accused of murder would do it!

Tally Jones,owner ofthe A-la-mode ice cream shop, along with detective Cal McCormack are right on the spot when a shot rings out from the Haunted Rodeo ride. They find Bree cowering inside with gun in hand and Kristen dead. Bree insists there was a man with a gun in there but Detective McCormack is convinced Bree is the murderer as all the circumstantial evidence points straight in her direction. Now, how is Tally going to prove her cousin's innocence along with running her successful ice cream shop and dealing with the emotional bomb Bree drops on the family after her arrest. It's going to be one humdinger of a job but Tally keeps a cool head most of the time and vows to prove Bree's innocence.

This is a new to me series and I loved it! Complete with colorful and feisty characters ( I could just picture Peachy when someone got her dander up) that leap off the page, a great setting, fun dialogue and lots of family drama along with a good mystery set up; what more could a cozy fan want? 4****

A Parfait Murder is number 3 in the A-la-mode series following I Scream, You Scream and Scoop to Kill.

Disclosure: A review copy of the book was provided by Signet in exchange for my honest opinion.

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  • A Parfait Murder (A Mystery a La Mode, #3): PDF
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PDF A Parfait Murder (A Mystery a La Mode, #3)

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