PDF Into the Devilhouse (The Devilhouse, #2): PDF

by Blair Babylon

A Hot and Sexy New Series

One wild quickie with a sexy stranger has changed Rae's life forever.

Despite her sheltered upbringing, Rae decides to screw her courage to the sticking place and become Lady Macbeth, the newest Domme of The Devilhouse, but when The Dom discovers that she lied about her "extensive experience" with BDSM, will he fire her or make her an altogether different offer?

Wulf studied her application. "You speak French and Spanish?"
"Some. College French and Border Spanish."
Wulf looked up. He smiled with one side of his mouth. "Border Spanish?"
"Just what you learn when you grow up near the Mexican Border." Like how to speak respectfully to drug lords lest you end up buried in a shallow grave out in the wide, unsearchable desert. "I can get along in most social situations, but I couldn't hold a philosophical debate."
"All right. Vernacular conversational Spanish. Excellent. Some of our clientele is from outside the States. Border Spanish may be just the language to use while you rough them up." Wulf looked at her application again. He asked her, "Comment bien parlez-vous français?"
She replied, "Comme ci, comme ça, but I've never been anywhere that people actually speak French."
Wulf switched back to English. "What is that accent?"
Rae wished she sounded like an elegant Parisienne. "Cajun. My French conversation TA was from Louisiana."
"Border Spanish and Cajun French. You will scare the dickens out of your clients, and they will love you for it."
Rae couldn't imagine that.
"One last thing. There is no pressure in this." Wulf smoothed her application on his desk. His studied smile became more jolly, like he was mocking himself. "Like some other male-oriented businesses, I'm not only the owner, I'm also a client. When I utilize the professional services of a consultant, she is paid her standard rate, and the scope of services is limited by this." He pointed to her application where Rae had detailed which absurd things she would and would not do, which now felt like a contract with the Devil since Wulf, who was The Dom—who Rae had tentatively diagnosed as a psychopath from Georgie's and Lizzy's descriptions—had pinned it to the desk with his finger.
He said, "Consultants may opt out of entertaining me as a client. Dolly has opted out, but you don't know her yet, so you can ask Georgie or Lizbeth that she is treated no differently than anyone who has opted in. You can also opt out at any time in the future, no reason necessary."
His professional smile was unflinching.
Rae asked, "Is that what you were doing when you took Lizzy on a date?"
"Dates are different. This would be a business arrangement, for around a half an hour."
"No," Rae said. She didn't even think about it, and she should have thought about it before she said anything because he might not give her the job and she might have to leave college. She had been ready to jump on the casting couch with him. She wanted to slam him up against a wall again or entice him to bend her over this glass and steel desk that separated them. Yet, even though she was turned on, even though her panties were damp with wanting him, she didn't want to be a whore. "No, thank you."
"I'll make a note of it." His smile did not waver.
Rae wondered if he was relieved, and her heart sank.
"For this next part of the interview, I need to see you in a scene."
Here came the casting couch part. Rae had prepared herself for it.

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