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by Thomas Flanagan

This is a fine book that was a challenging read, partly because I had to check a history of Ireland and some web sites on the names of World war I era arms and vehicles for some background that the author assumes we know. That said, I am grateful to Thomas Flanagan for the vivid portrayal of the attitudes that propelled the Irish War of Independence and the Civil War.

Some folks have commented that Michael Collins is the central character in The End of the Hunt, but I have to disagree. Collins and to lesser degrees Brougha and De Valera provide the historical backbone of the work but the narration centers on several fictional characters who provide us with a range of points of view on the events of the period. Particularly interesting is the perspective of Janet Nugent, a member of the Irish Catholic gentry and a war widow, who often lets us see the disconnect between the passions of those directly involved in the conflicts and the desire on the part of most to simply get on with their lives.

I've read historical accounts of the period and remained confused. I can't claim to understand the complexities of the conflict now, but this work of fiction certainly helped me along the way.

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