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by Jeffrey L. Richey

“Jeff Richey has emerged as one of the most important scholars of Confucianism—both historical and contemporary—working today. This concise volume on Confucianism in East Asia provides an engaging overview of the influence the Sage has had across the region, from China and Korea to Japan and Vietnam. Richey presents Confucianism as both integral to the traditional cultures of East Asia, and as a continuing presence in the lives and political affairs of people in each of these lands.”
Kenneth J. Hammond
Professor of East Asian History
Director, The Confucius Institute
New Mexico State University

“Richey has written an engaging and well-crafted book that clearly delineates the oftentimes fitful development of Confucianism in China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. At the same time, he masterfully demonstrates how Confucianism slowly came to dominate politics, thought, and society in each of these places and still continues to inform their assumptions, values, and institutions. Richey also expertly underscores the outsized role that government has played in promoting and sustaining this tradition’s formidable influence.”
Keith N. Knapp
Professor of East Asian History
Chairman, History Department
The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina

From: Association for Asian Studies

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