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by Sam Toperoff

This is a novel which presents the inner life of James Dean. It focuses largely on Dean's artistic sincerity. We see he is ambitious. We see he is iconoclastic. But where this book departs from most works about Dean, be they fiction or biography, is in the depiction of his belief in himself as an actor.
James Dean's life was so sensational and his image is so iconic that thinking of him as an artist is almost taboo. The title JIMMY DEAN PREPARES is a reference to Stanislavski's book AN ACTOR PREPARES. The title is well chosen also because the theme of the book is the struggle of an actor to be an artist. It is not about James Dean's outer life, although there are external events. He is radical, but so is the Method.
The James Dean in this work is unquestionably bisexual. Not a closeted gay man, nor a heterosexual sleeping with men in order to climb the Hollywood ladder.
This is about an artist who happens to be an honest man. There are a lot of books about the legend James Dean. This is a novel about James Dean the actor.

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