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by Ed Strauss

Often children don and #146;t want to stop what they and #146;re doing or start something new. A Time for Everything assures your children that everyone feels this way sometimes and that listening to Mom and Dad is a good idea.

Ages: newborn and up
Life Issue: I want my children to learn the value of doing things at the appropriate time.
Spiritual Building Block: Stewardship

Learning Styles

Sight: As you look at the pictures of this book together, ask your children to point out the things they have done before. When they name the activity (i.e., going to bed), ask them to tell you the next time they will do it again (i.e., after dinner).
Sound: Ask your children to help you come up with the right thing to do at the right time as you name the following activities: playing at a birthday party is a time to (laugh); watching a movie is a time to (be quiet); listening to music is a time to (sing); scraping your knee is a time to (cry).
Touch: Give your children an extra hug and tell them that there is always time for loving them. Tell them that even when you are angry at them, you still love them. Invite them to ask for a hug whenever they wish for one and #151;at any time at all!

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