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by Michael Harner

Harner is the creator of what is called "Core Shamanism" (the ‘shamanism’ and practices of Sandra Ingerman, and Caitlín and John Matthews also fall under the Core Shamanism umbrella). Like Daniel C. Noel and Robert J. Wallis, I believe Harner's teachings are based on cultural appropriation and Western fantasies. Harner, despite being an anthropologist, exploits and rapes the indigenous cultures he talks about in this book by tearing them apart, taking what pieces of a specific tradition will suit his practice/agenda/romanticism nicely and disregarding the rest.

The Way of the Shaman is his beliefs (UPG) regarding shamanism, and indeed are not how things really are. If you really want to learn about shamanism, skip this New Age drivel and go to the history books.

As Graham Harvey said: “The approaches of both Harner and Eliade are problematic in their universalizing of diverse and discrete, culturally situated shamanisms into a monolithic category to be palatable to Western audiences.” — (The Historical Dictionary of Shamanism, page 60)

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