PDF Sleep Deprivation Effects (Sleep Series Book 1): PDF

by Broderick Johnson

You’re about to discover the effects of Sleep Deprivation...

This book will help you discover the causes and dangers of sleep deprivation and sleep apnea disorders. If you are currently having problems with the said disorders, then it’s good for you that you have already purchased this book.

This book will be your ultimate guide into knowing what sleep deprivation is and learn the ways to treat it. Yes, sleep deprivation can be treated, but before going into the ways to do so, it is important to understand what it is in the first place.

Sleep deprivation can either be chronic or acute. It is the condition of not having enough sleep. If you are having chronic sleep deprivation, you are most likely to have daytime sleepiness, fatigue, unstable weight, and clumsiness. Sleep deprivation mainly affects your brain and cognitive function.

Specifically, sleep deprivation can result in memory lapses, aching muscles, development of false memory, depression, hand tremor, hallucinations (in some cases), headaches, having eye bags, increased stress in hormone levels, increase in blood pressure, increase the risk of diabetes, obesity, irritability, and more.

There are many reasons why people don’t have enough sleep. You probably are one of those people who are so busy coping up with their lifestyle that they tend to miss one of the most important things – to sleep. You are also probably very hard-working to the extent that you are already prohibiting yourself to have enough sleep. Also, the daily stresses of life great intrudes your ability to sleep well.

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*The Symptoms Of Sleep Deprivation
*10 Dangers Of Sleep Deprivation And Sleep Apnea
*How To Treat Sleep Deprivation
*Five Keys To Remember
*And more!
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