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by Timothy Darvill

Traveling around England is in many senses a journey back in time. On all sides, and sometimes even under the road or footpath itself, there are fragments of the ancient past alongside the clutter of the modern world. Medieval villages, castles, ancient churches, and Roman villas are commonplace and take us back to the time of Christ. And far older, yet equally abundant, are the barrows, hillforts, stone circles, camps, standing stones, trackways, and other relics of prehistoric times.
Now, thanks to these three archaeologists—each a specialist in one of the three periods covered by the Guide prehistoric, Roman, and medieval—readers have the chance to not only explore but to understand in context these fascinating sites and ruins. In addition to reporting on such well-known sites as Stonehenge and Hadrian's Wall, and cities such as London and York—which themselves offer a wealth of archaeological remains—the book also covers smaller, lesser-known sites throughout the country. An introductory section provides background to the monuments, and a reference section provides definitions, further reading, and information about museum collections. Finally, there are 200 photographs, plans, and maps that depict and describe these ancient remains in detail.

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