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by Peter G. Aitken

Imagine your family getting to see your baby's first picture-in real time from the delivery room! Or imagine capturing a cool shot of a street vendor in Venice while you are on vacation and uploading the image to instantly share with your friends back home. Camera phones are quickly taking over the world, and users are in need of a guide that shows them not only how to take great pictures but how to share them in different ways.

Camera Phone Obsession is a unique guide that marries the technology of camera phones with the emerging culture. Author Peter Aitken shows you how to purchase the best camera phones, how to best shoot and print photos, what the best services are for sharing photos, and how to use your camera phones with your PCs. This book shows how camera phones are a breed apart from digital or film cameras. The book discusses the dos and don'ts of camera phone etiquette and privacy and legal concerns for camera phone users. The author expertly guides you through the basics of camera phone photography so you take the sharpest pictures, navigate through the technology maze of sending and storing photos, and save money and time with this emerging technology. The book features numerous hands-on projects and tips and techniques to create art and have lots of fun with camera phones.

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