PDF In the Window Room (The Histories of Earth, #1): PDF

by Steven J. Carroll

"There are secret passages all around you if you know where to look for them."

Delany was being punished, and deep in her heart, past the excuses she'd like to make for herself, she knew she'd almost deserved it. And even though that girl, Mattie, had said something dreadful about her father, she knew that she should not have fought with her.

Though one can never rewind history, to change the past, and so this would be her punishment: To live alone in the old abandoned Greyford houseĀ on the outskirts of the Mayfield School for Girls - a place with its covered furniture, and rooms leading to other unexpected rooms, and she would be completely, and purposefully, alone... or so she thought.

Although, now she could hear noises following behind her as she explored that perplexing and grand old home, and even though the maid said that, "they were only these old pipes," Delany knew that they weren't.

Yet those strange sounds would have to be wait to be discovered, for there was more to his house than first met the eye: there were secret passages, and hidden treasures, lost and forgotten with the passing time, and a room... a fantastic and otherworldly sort of room, which she had decided to call "the Window Room".

This is a story about the dangerous and mysterious adventures she found there. This is a story about friends made from enemies, about a kingdom in peril, and wrongly accused prince who would need saving. These are the sorts of things Delany found - In the Window Room.

"It is one thing to have mysterious adventures thrust upon you, by happenstance, and it is quite another to go looking for them. Delany knew that if she entered into the window room she would certainly be confronting adventure in the face, and there was no turning back from that."

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  • In the Window Room (The Histories of Earth, #1): PDF
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PDF In the Window Room (The Histories of Earth, #1)

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