PDF Cordina's Royal Family (Cordina #1-3): PDF

by Nora Roberts

Nestled in the hills overlooking the Mediterranean, Cordina seems a fairy-tale kingdom. But a scheming traitor lies in wait . . .

Nora Roberts weaves a mesmerizing tale of palace intrigue and royal romance in three sizzling stories about Cordina's royal family.

Affaire Royale:
Recently kidnapped Princess Gabriella has amnesia, but in the arms of bodyguard Reeve MacGee she finds a passion that's unforgettable.

Command Performance:
Though His Royal Highness Alexander is destined to rule Cordina, it's regal — and elusive — Eve Hamilton who rules his heart.

The Playboy Prince:
Why is reserved Hannah Rothchild so intriguing to dedicated ladies' man Prince Bennett? Is it her secret mission — or the fascinating lady herself?

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  • Cordina's Royal Family (Cordina #1-3): PDF
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PDF Cordina's Royal Family (Cordina #1-3)

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