PDF Ties That Bind (Rebekka, #2): PDF

by Rachel Ann Nunes

Rebekka Massoni and Marc Perrault have waded through thousands of miles of separation and years of uncertainty about their true feelings for one another. But now they are happily, blissfully together, anxiously awaiting the day when they will be married for all eternity.

When Marc's ongoing health problems become serious, he pushes Rebekka away, convinced that his time is short and that she should be free to find a life with someone else. Even worse, when Rebekka asks his brother, André, to speak with Marc, André agrees that she should move on. Yet, as Rebekka rejects their pleas and rallies around her fiance, she begins to wonder if Marc is right. Can Rebekka risk marrying and then losing him? Or can she indeed move on to try to find happiness with another?

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  • Ties That Bind (Rebekka, #2): PDF
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PDF Ties That Bind (Rebekka, #2)

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