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by Terry Burns

It all started for Scott Boone when he was only eight years old. He had met a mysterious man in the woods behind his house. Something was different about this man but Scott could not quite put his finger on it. The man was as curious about Scott as he was about the man. A younger version of the strange man began to appear soon after and the two of them began to play games with Scott in the woods only revealing themselves briefly then disappearing. Just when things were beginning to get interesting Scotts family moved away causing Scott to lose touch with his newfound friends. Scott never forgot them as the years went by and once he was able, he returned to the woods of his childhood in hopes of finding his friends once again. Scott began to have strange dreams that he could not explain. It took the wisdom of an old Indian Chief to decipher the dreams and to make Scott return home until the men of the forest sent him a sign to return. After eight long years the sign finally came which led Scott back to the wilds of the Boogie Woods and into the adventure of a lifetime.

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