by Andrew Lewis Conn

P tells the story of Benjamin Seymour, a failed pornographer obsessed over his lost love, and Finn, a ten-year-old runaway girl genius. Separately and then together they wander the city, searching for home and family. Taking place mostly over the course of a single day, the novel telescopes out from Benji and Finn’s quest to embrace a wide variety of characters and themes; the external journey matched by inward journeys into consciousness and the very nature of language and storytelling itself. One chapter of the book is written in the form of newspaper headlines and articles; one chapter is composed of thirteen vignettes following major and minor characters as they move about the city; one chapter is written in question and answer form; one chapter is a punctuation-less stream of consciousness monologue; and one chapter, the center of the book and its climax, is written in the form of a full-length screenplay.

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