PDF Oops! A Stranger Got Me Pregnant!: PDF

by Sienna Valentine

He never asked me for my name, and never told me his.

Dressing in slutty clothes might be great for getting tips, but it sucks when you're stuck on a bus during rush hour. With everyone pressed closely against me, it's not surprising at all when I feel a hand start groping my body.

Of course, the last thing I expect is for it to be attached to a hot alpha man whose deep voice against my ear shoots shivers up my spine. I know I should stop him as he grows bolder and bolder, but I hate to make a scene... and after all, it does feel awfully good.

Before I know it, though, we're doing far more than groping and I've never been hotter in my life. He's taking me hard, fast and without protection! And although I may not ever see him again after this bus ride, he's sure to leave me something to remember him by...

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PDF Oops! A Stranger Got Me Pregnant!

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