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by Diane Mott Davidson

“To Carolyn Marino – with deep gratitude for excellent editing and for possessing a kind heart and a light touch”

I cannot vouch for Ms. Marino’s “kind heart”, but her “light touch” is certainly in evidence. A sample paragraph (emphasis mine):

“Because Father Pete says there are letters from the diocesan office he can’t find in the church files, and was wondering if I could go help him try to figure out how the new secretary’s mind works. Since I recommended that he hire this woman, it’s all my fault, apparently, that the diocesan letters were placed in some random file drawer instead of on Father Pete’s desk. I even warned him she had ADD, but he just said he didn’t think that would mean needing CIA assistance to find some random letters from the diocesan office.” A couple of paragraphs later … “If we don’t find those diocesan letters ….”

No, “the diocesan letters” have absolutely nothing to do with the plot of the story at all.

In other words: “Thanks for taking my manuscripts ‘as-is’ because I’m such a big money-maker for you.”

In this 15th installment we meet Goldie’s godfather from New Jersey, who (presumably) has moved into a house across the street since book #14; it is mentioned that he did not tell her of his plans until the last minute. Goldie tells us repeatedly of what a great support he’d been to her during her time with The Jerk; moreover, it was he who gave her the money to start her business. Yet there’d been no mention of his existence until now. Nada, zip, zilch. Ms. Davidson and Ms. Merino must have figured that needed no explanation. How convenient.

Partway through the series, (her best friend) Marla suffered a serious heart attack, pointedly giving up alcohol on the stern advice of her cardiologist. In this book, we have her drinking like a fish, getting sloshed more than once, during the day! Not only does Goldie not say anything about it in a friendly, indirect manner, she never thinks anything of it! In addition to the hooch, Marla scarfs down several eggs (real ones, not low cholesterol substitute), as well as other of Goldie’s yummies.

Nor is she the only drinker … Godfather Jack and his new “best friend” Doc Finn spend most of their time sloshed. Jack’s ladyfriend (in her mind at least, though he does lead her on heavily at one point) arrives in his hospital room after he’s attacked, drunk as skunk, with her daughter-from-hell and wimpy son-in-law in tow. The daughter, Billie, is so exaggeratedly awful I could accept her, but an incident leads me to a discussion of Tom.

At one point, Billie smacks Goldie so hard (in front of witnesses!) Goldie thinks to herself a couple of hours later that the folks in the local hospital are staring at her swollen face (she’s there to visit/sleuth, not be treated). Nary a peep from lawman Tom about this regarding pressing charges. Nada. Yet he goes on and on later about what danger she’s in at the (principal) crime scene, insisting on sending a county cop along (at taxpayer expense) solely to protect her as she sleuths undercover as a temporary chef. Tom’s “concern” seemed a bit “selective” to me.

In Literary Monopoly there must be a card reading: “Move a comma, collect editoral salary.”

P.S. Two words I hope never, ever to see again: Smoothie Cabin (they wore out their welcome on the 100th encounter).

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