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by S.K.

Ex-football legend Amir Montgomery is the man every woman wants and every man wants to be. When his ex-fiancée dumped him because of cheating, Amir decided to live life his way: no excuses, no explanations, and no apologies.

Women vow to tame the notorious bad boy and be the one to make him finally settle down. There’s just one problem: settling down again is not in Amir’s game plan. At least not until a fling from the past catapults his world into a tailspin.

Darrell and Jerra Monroe have had their share of challenges in the short time they’ve been together, but those situations have only served to make the relationship between them stronger. The only thing Darrell has ever asked of his wife is to be honest and truthful and he will do the same. Anything broken can be fixed as long as the trust is there. The outside world is cold enough without having to watch his back with the one person whom he should be able to trust above all others. But the one thing he asked for is the one thing Jerra didn’t give.

There’s a thin line between secrets and lies, and that line has been crossed in more ways than one. For every act, there is a consequence. The result just depends on the nature of the beast – and how forgiving it feels like being on any given day.

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